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Eindelijk bloem in deze peper en dezelfde kleur als de nagels…

Eindelijk bloem in deze peper en dezelfde kleur als de nagels #Chileloco #7caldos #chiledecaballo #ikkiej #guatemala #stadstuinierenmetpit #chiles #peppers #pubenscens #purple

Gefermenteerde scotch bonnet is klaar! Ps nieuwe #blog is weer…

Gefermenteerde scotch bonnet is klaar! Ps nieuwe #blog is weer online link in bio #hotsauce #stadstuinierenmetpit #hot #lovepeppers #chiles #homemadefood #growityourself #peppers

Entry 60: Hot Stuff! Check out this awesome haul of peppers we…

Entry 60: Hot Stuff! 

Check out this awesome haul of peppers we got from the garden today! The pepper plants have been doing really well this year. They are enjoying the extremely hot weather we’ve been getting. 

The rest of the garden is doing fine, we finally got a winter(or maybe it was the bitter) melon that’s taking shape. We’ve moved away from using too many fertilizers and additives this year so things are taking a little longer to develop. But can’t complain about the excellent produce we’ve been getting regardless. 

Entry 59: Still GreenHey everyone. Apologies for the EXTRA…

Entry 59: Still Green

Entry 59: Still Green

Entry 59: Still Green

Entry 59: Still Green

Entry 59: Still Green

Entry 59: Still Green

Entry 59: Still Green

Entry 59: Still Green

Entry 59: Still Green

Hey everyone. Apologies for the EXTRA long absence. Life has been really busy but I’ve definitely been keeping up with my gardening. I wanted to do a extra large photo post to make up for lost time. 

So in the top row we have a photo of some tomatoes, chilies and snow peas. It’s all still green so I’ll be waiting for the tomatoes and the chilies to turn red before I pick them. The snow peas are good to go, I’ve already taken a good batch of snow peas in to make a stir fry. The middle row of pictures is sort of a before and after shot of the lettuce. The photo on the left is from a few weeks ago (I was going to post it earlier but never got time). And the photo on the right is from today. I’ve already harvested some of the leaves for salad so it looks a bit thin but the leaves are much larger then they were a few weeks ago, The last row of photos show some banana peppers and a flower from the bitter melon. No bitter melons yet but I think it’s still early in the season. So I will be patient. Happy gardening!

Entry 57: New Batch! It’s finally time! I went to the farmers…

Entry 57: New Batch! 

It’s finally time! I went to the farmers market and picked out these bad boys. The latest selection includes:

– beefsteak tomatoes
– roma tomatoes
– jalapeno
– sweet banana peppers
– cayenne
– california wonder peppers
– celery
– pickleling cucumbers

I’d still like to pick up some kale, lettuce, onions and bak choy but there are gardening depots popping up all over town so I’m sure I’ll be able to find them.

The weather here has been inconsistent. A weeks ago it felt like spring and then it was immediately followed by two days of near freezing temperatures. But this coming weekend is suppose to be nice. Will have to find some time to transplant these guys outside. I’m also working on a side project where I planted the free seeds I got from the library. Will try to give an update on those when they start popping up. Let me know what you’re growing this season! Happy gardening!  

Off Season Entry 8: Delayed ReactionsThis post is long…

Off Season Entry 8: Delayed Reactions

This post is long overdue. I moved my scotch bonnet peppers and trinidad scorpion pepper indoors a couple of months ago when the weather was getting colder. The picture for this post was taken at the end of October and the plant was still creating new fruit and ripening. It’s about two months later now, and there’s still fruit on the branches and boy are they as spicy as ever. However the peppers have remained green. It seems far too cold for them to ripen. I think it maybe getting too cold for the plants as the first big snowfall is predicted to happen tonight. A lot of the leaves are dying and less peppers are popping up. It’s okay though, it all lasted much longer then I thought it would. The weather has been mild this year. It’s the off season but I got some really great peppers outta it. I’m glad we ran this little experiment.

Entry 56: Moving In!So it’s getting a bit chilly in this part of…

Entry 56: Moving In!

So it’s getting a bit chilly in this part of the world. I’ve decided to take action and transplant my super, spicy peppers into containers so that I can move them indoors at a moment’s notice. We’re trying something new this year and are going to try to keep these guys alive through the long winter. I hope to have some nice peppers next growing season. I’m really hoping that they survive, I haven’t quite figured out where to place them but I will keep you posted.

Entry 54: Harvest Galore!I know I haven’t posted in a while….

Entry 54: Harvest Galore! – Pic 1

Entry 54: Harvest Galore! – Pic 2

Entry 54: Harvest Galore!

I know I haven’t posted in a while. There really hasn’t been anything worth posting. There’s a constant stream of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers (Pic1) being harvested in and I guess I felt that the same post over and over wasn’t really news worthy at all. 

But this week I did harvest in all my red onions. And believe me this is news! Onions are always a waiting game. You plant them in the beginning of the season and if you want some good sized onions, like you’d see in the stores, you got to wait until the end of the season to harvest. Normally I’m impatient and end up cutting off the tops for dishes before the season’s over or I’ll harvest tiny red onions to eat during the season. This year I’ve been good and waited until we got some respectable sized onions. Check them out in Pic 2. That’s good stuff! The red onions I get are always delicious. They have a really fresh and oniony taste. It never tastes like the ones I get from the store, they’re so much better. Seriously if you’re looking for something to plant next growing season, may I suggests red onions. They are worth the wait.  

Entry 53: HOT! HOT! HOT!….Peppers!It’s August! The…

Entry 53: HOT! HOT! HOT!….Peppers!

It’s August! The weather is so nice! But let’s get to the good stuff. Check out these peppers! We got some jalapenos up on top and then some scotch bonnets to the right. Then there’s the “ring of fire” chill peppers on the far left and right in the middle are the super spicy, Trinidad scorpion morugas. Some of you may be thinking that they look a bit small but I sort of just picked the smallest of the bunch. Those peppers are intense!

A quick tip for peppers is that you can freeze them and they last for a good, long time. If you leave them on the plant too long they get old and start losing some of their heat. But I’ve found that frozen peppers still pack a punch. So don’t worry if you like heat. 

Entry 51: Stuffed PeppersTime sure flies! In a few days it will…

Entry 51: Stuffed Peppers

Time sure flies! In a few days it will be August and in a month’s time summer will wind down.The good news is that the garden has been producing a nice steady stream of peppers and cucumbers. It will probably continue into the fall season…hopefully. I’m still waiting for those roma tomatoes to ripen. I can’t wait!

It’s a short post today. Just wanted to show off some of the peppers harvested yesterday to make some delicious stuffed peppers. These ones were stuffed with a fish paste. I like using the green banana peppers because they’re mild and not too sweet so it goes with the fish. They were pan fried and served as a side. Ripened peppers also work. I just couldn’t wait anymore! Yum!