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Winter Care I wrapped the trunks of my lemon, fig and nectarine…

Winter Care

I wrapped the trunks of my lemon, fig and nectarine trees in burlap in
anticipation of a freeze that may happen Wednesday night. We haven’t
gotten to freezing temperatures in my part of the city just yet this
I’ll be honest: I’m not sure if this step is necessary or even
effective, but I have the burlap in strips on a roll from last year and
it only takes a few minutes to do. I doubt it can hurt.

The winds have also been regularly blowing the pepper cage over so I
tied it off to the light cables. There are still several fruits on this
plant and none of them have ripened. I broke one off and tried it; it
tasted like a very mild green pepper from the grocery store. The taste
was mild, not bitter, and underripe. I bet these are great when they are

I’ve read lots of articles that say you should pull peppers and tomatoes
up before a frost and hang them upside down so the fruits will continue
to slowly ripen. I have never actually done this but I am curious if it
would work. Not sure if I’ll get to doing this before Wednesday.