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Entry 57: New Batch! It’s finally time! I went to the farmers…

Entry 57: New Batch! 

It’s finally time! I went to the farmers market and picked out these bad boys. The latest selection includes:

– beefsteak tomatoes
– roma tomatoes
– jalapeno
– sweet banana peppers
– cayenne
– california wonder peppers
– celery
– pickleling cucumbers

I’d still like to pick up some kale, lettuce, onions and bak choy but there are gardening depots popping up all over town so I’m sure I’ll be able to find them.

The weather here has been inconsistent. A weeks ago it felt like spring and then it was immediately followed by two days of near freezing temperatures. But this coming weekend is suppose to be nice. Will have to find some time to transplant these guys outside. I’m also working on a side project where I planted the free seeds I got from the library. Will try to give an update on those when they start popping up. Let me know what you’re growing this season! Happy gardening!  

Entry 52: And The Hits Just Keep On Coming!Today we brought in…

Entry 52: And The Hits Just Keep On Coming! – Pic 1

Entry 52: And The Hits Just Keep On Coming! – Pic 2

Entry 52: And The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

Today we brought in quite a haul (pic 1).The cucumber plants were a bit unruly. I know I should have built a taller lattice so that they would grow up, not out. But because of the unruliness a lot of the cucumbers were hidden and we missed them during our first harvest. But on the bright side a lot of them got to grow to an ample size. Also many of the tomatoes are ripening because of the hot weather. I’m really happy about this harvest but I’m not really sure what to do with ALL these cucumbers and tomatoes. 

Just as quickly as they were picked, the cucumbers and tomatoes were tossed into a delicious summer pasta salad (Pic 2). Yum! Got to love fresh raw veggies. Happy Gardening! 

Entry 49: Nice!So there has been a lot of progress lately since…

Entry 49: Nice! – Pic 1

Entry 49: Nice! – Pic 2

Entry 49: Nice! – Pic 3

Entry 49: Nice! – Pic 4

Entry 49: Nice! – Pic 5

Entry 49: Nice! – Pic 6

Entry 49: Nice!

So there has been a lot of progress lately since the temperatures have risen. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. 

But here’s a little background. Pic 1 shows the lovely roma tomatoes. Have a few of these vines growing. Pic 2, is a prickly cucumber. I’m told the bumps go away as they mature. I’m not really sure about that but I guess we will see. Pic 3, is herb corner. Showing off some thai basil and other goodies. Pic 4 are the cherry tomatoes, with a red one finally making an appearance. Pic 5 is a shot of the cucumber plants. A few weeks ago they were barely off the ground. Today it’s like they’ve taken over! Finally, Pic 6 is one of the pepper plants standing tall.

In other news, I transplanted a lot of the pepper plants to where the lettuce used to be since we harvested most of that already. This will give them a little more room. And hopefully keep them away from where the bugs like to settle in the mornings.  

Entry 48: Warming Up!So the weather is finally drying out and…

Entry 48: Warming Up! – Pic 1

Entry 48: Warming Up! – Pic 2

Entry 48: Warming Up!

So the weather is finally drying out and warming up. Which is great news for the garden. The cold, wet weather was sort of bringing everything down. The peppers were the only ones producing fruit but most of it wasn’t ripening. The lettuce and kale were doing alright as well. Harvested a few romaine lettuce heads for salads. They were tasty. Nothing like a fresh salad in the summer time. 

So Pic 1 shows one of the Roma tomatoes that appeared this week. Finally! The tomatoes make an appearance. There are a couple of smaller cherry tomatoes but they’re still green on the vine. Pic 2 is the celery in the foreground. Will probably harvest some of that for some chicken noodle soup soon before it gets too old. A little further behind the celery is the eggplant. They are tiny. Not sure why they’re doing so poorly this year. The flowers are appearing but the plants aren’t spreading out. Keeping compact for some reason. Perhaps I didn’t leave enough space for them and they know it. Finally in the background are the cucumbers. They have grown! There are a ton of yellow flowers but no fruit yet. I think we’re going to have to wait a bit for those. Regardless, things are looking good in the garden. With some nice weather in the forecast, I think we’ll be looking at a happy harvest.  

Entry 47: Damage DoneI have a couple of pictures for you this…

Entry 47: Damage Done – Pic 1

Entry 47: Damage Done – Pic 2

Entry 47: Damage Done – Pic 3

Entry 47: Damage Done – Pic 4

Entry 47: Damage Done

I have a couple of pictures for you this time around. So let’s dive right in. Pic 1, shows the damage done by the tiny insects I mentioned in my last post. The pepper water worked for a while but then it rained every other day and washed a lot of it away. I just found it hard to keep reapplying it and to keep up with the rain. So I went to the local nursery and spoke to one of the employees there. She told me not to worry about it if it’s simply the leaves. The bugs seem to be concentrating on the leaves and are not touching the fruit at all. It puts some stress on your plants but it’s not likely to cause any serious damage. The insecticides they had on hand at the nursery worked if you spray the bugs directly so I didn’t pick anything up. So I’m going to let it be for now, unless i see some real damage.

Now while i was there, the nursery had a sale on super spicy peppers! We had seen these earlier in the year during our first round of seedling shopping. We were interested in the super spicy peppers but passed because the price was high for a single pepper plant. The price has since gone down by 50% and the plants even have peppers growing on them. They’ve been keep in the warm greenhouse since we last saw them and are for sure doing better then our own pepper plants who’ve had to put up with the roller coaster weather. So Pic 2 shows the two varieties we picked up. One is the scotch bonnet pepper, I’ve tried it before and like to put it in sauces and pickle them. They’re considered to be pretty spicy but still in the middle of a list of spicy peppers. The other pepper we got was the Moruga Red Trinidad Scorpion pepper. It’s recorded as the second most hottest pepper in the world. So I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ll do with those. 

And I know I’ve been focusing a lot on the peppers this year. We got a lot of pepper plants so it can’t be helped. But Pic 3 and 4 give you a little update on some of the other vegetables. We have the tomatoes looking good in Pic 3. Lots of flowers and tiny grape tomatoes popping up. Pic 4 shows the cucumbers, who have made a really awesome recovery from the frost earlier in the season and have a ton of yellow flowers as well. I’ll be keeping a close eye one these plants in the next few weeks.  

Growing cucumber in NYC.

Growing cucumber in NYC.