I was down at the allotment for 9am this morning and it felt good to get an early start on all the clearing up. I got so much done below is a list for anyone who is interested.

– weeded four beds next to my greenhouse

– moved two small compost heaps into my new long bed

– layered and topped up my compost bins, adding shredded paper, grass cuttings and all the old cuttings and remnants of the plants I grew this year

– started some nettle fertiliser

– collected my first batch of leaves that will break down to leaf mould

– added the left over chicken pellets to one of my raised beds and dig it in

– added torn egg boxes and newspaper to my extra long bed and topped it up with well rotted manure all ready for next spring

– added a layer of newspaper to all other raised beds ready for a layer of manure (when I get the next batch)

All in all another productive day down at the allotment 😀