Yes! Gymkata!

Yes! Gymkata!

siriamardev: How I feel about going raw 👏💛✨


How I feel about going raw 👏💛✨

Stripes of wildflowers across farm fields coul…

Stripes of wildflowers across farm fields could cut pesticide spraying:


Long strips of bright wildflowers are being planted through crop fields to boost the natural predators of pests and potentially cut pesticide spraying.

The strips were planted on 15 large arable farms in central and eastern England last autumn and will be monitored for five years, as part of a trial run by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH).

Concern over the environmental damage caused by pesticides has grown rapidly in recent years. Using wildflower margins to support insects including hoverflies, parasitic wasps and ground beetles has been shown to slash pest numbers in crops and even increase yields.

A growing number of young Americans are leavin…

A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm:


A survey conducted by the National Young Farmers Coalition, an advocacy group, with Merrigan’s help shows that the majority of young farmers did not grow up in agricultural families.

They are also far more likely than the general farming population to grow organically, limit pesticide and fertilizer use, diversify their crops or animals, and be deeply involved in their local food systems via community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and farmers markets.

Today’s young farmers also tend to operate small farms of less than 50 acres, though that number increases with each successive year of experience.



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deprogrammingthelattice: $5.6K a Month Garden…


$5.6K a Month Gardening (Other People’s Yards)

This nomadic gardener travels between Maine to Florida gardening leased
front yards. With a frugal lifestyle and revenues as high as $1.5K a
week, he’s living the dream. Day 34 of the Great American Farm Tour
(Tampa, Florida).